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The GFWC Danville Women’s Club is a community-minded Club of all ages from Danville, the San Ramon Valley and beyond, who have joined together to provide community service through volunteering and fundraising. Each year the Club awards scholarships to San Ramon Valley School District students for leadership training and college expenses. A music scholarship award has been added to the long list of our community projects.


The Club is dedicated to meeting the needs and interests of all members, as we meet the needs of our community. We hope you will join us as we give service to our community while having fun and making new friends.


The roots of the GFWC Danville Women’s Club go deep in the San Ramon Valley. We began in 1911 when a new teacher, Miss Hazel Arthur, came to the one-room Danville Grammar School and saw a need for closer relations between parents, teacher and school and invited the mothers to meet for this purpose. The Mother’s Club was organized. As the community grew and changed, so did the Club expand to meet the new needs, changing its name along the way, but never losing the core values of Service, Charity and Education.


There were many service clubs like ours in communities all around the state of California. In 1919 the Club joined the California Federation of Women’s Clubs, serving a broader range of issues and projects. Countrywide there was also an organization of clubs working with national issues which affected the entire United States. The Club joined with the General Federation of Women’s Clubs in 1939 as the Danville Women’s Club.


The GFWC Danville Women’s Club, as we are now known, is part of the largest international women’s organization, with hundreds of thousands of women from all fifty states and a dozen countries, dedicated to the promotion of Education, Philanthropy, Public Welfare, Legislation and Public Policy, the Arts, Health, Active Duty Military and Veterans Support, and much more. Our members are all volunteers who devote many hours to our projects and events in support of these goals.

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"Community Service is Our Edge"